Episode 7 - 2017 Japan Regionals - 2/3 & 3/3

In this new episode of the Scales Podcast, members Colin Beckford and Mark Mangarin go over the last 4 regionals from the Japan Regional circuit - East Japan B Block, West Japan, South Japan, and North Japan.

Listen to this new podcast so you can find out Colin & Mark's thoughts on the best freestyles from Japan in 2017, insight on the top players, and how they think the players will do at JN 2017!


Episode 6: Seth Peterson on Save Deth

New interview with yo-yo legend Seth Peterson is now live!


Seth Peterson is one of the most influential yo-yo players of all time, but unlike most, it's for more than just his tricks.

Seth led a very inspiring yo-yo movement called Save Deth, in which he had travelled with Dave Poyzer all over the United States and filmed amazing yo-yo content, whether it be at contests or just in a casual scene. On top of this, Seth's attention to design and detail in all aspects such as clothing and content is something that lots of people worldwide learned and stemmed off of. To call him an innovator is an understatement; he is a pioneer.

Episode 4 - 2017 Japan Regionals 1/3 Recap

As a group of players focused on competition, it has been a crazy month seeing all of the amazing content coming from yo-yo freestyles. With this being said, team members Colin Beckford, Keiran Cooper, and Patrick Canny did an analysis of the first two contests in the Japan regional league. Listen to our episode in our bio to find out why Shion dominated East Japan, why we think Arata Imai is potentially going to be one of the most impactful yo-yo players, and more in this new episode! #yoyonews #jyyf #yoyoexpert #clyw #recessintl


Episode 3 - Sponsorships

In this new episode featuring Mark Mangarin and Andrew Bergen, the topic of discussion is Sponsorships! Listen to find out their thoughts on what sponsorship entails, thoughts on junior teams, as well as great examples of sponsored players in the community.. Link below!


Episode 2 - Interview with Chris Mikulin of CLYW


In September, we were given the opportunity to interview one of the industry's most intelligent minds; Chris Mikulin, a person with a strong background in design, social media work, and team management skills. In this episode, we discuss new CLYW plans, such as sub-brands, new releases, and more! Give it a listen! Also available on iTunes.

Episode 1 - Tech featuring Nehemiah Peterson

Our first episode of Scales Podcast is now live! 

Listen here to Andrew Bergen's short discussion with Tech Creator representative Nehemiah Peterson regarding his passion for tech. "Tech" is a facet of yo-yo that's been around for years, but it does not have a clear definition. However, Nehemiah has assembled a team of yo-yo players who create his vision of "tech", and has done things like create amazing videos as well as tutorials for this style of yo-yo. 

Listen to the podcast for more information!


First Promo for the podcast!

We're really excited to share with you a project we have been working on for months. We have very poor communication in the yoyo community. We have very little news, very little to get excited about outside of new releases of yoyos and contests. We strive to bring you content outside of that realm that you'll be excited to hear. You can hear the voices of host Andrew Bergen, along with Yuuki Spencer, Nehemiah Peterson and Steve Brown (In sequence). 

We hope you enjoy and subscribe on iTunes, or at least on soundcloud if you're not a big podcast guy (even though there is a whole world of podcasts to explore, and we recommend you check them out). 

We'd also like to thank Yoyoexpert.com, Recess intl, and CLYW for making this possible. Please support these brands, they are helping everyone in the community do more than you may realize!

Thank you so much, everyone! We can't wait to bring you a ton of awesome content! 

Here is the first promo :