Thanks to everyone for making our first Scales Open Online a success! Congratulations to our first champion Remy Baskin!

We’re very happy with how the contest went. With 40 registrants and fiercer competition than we expected we even had fun watching as we judged.

Check it out below!



This will be the first online competition similar to normal yo-yo contests ran by the Scales Collective. We have been planning this for quite some time and we are thrilled to get moving on this. Here are a few key reasons that led us to want to run this competition:

  1. Organize a contest that is cheaper for players to enter while being able to win more than they would at a standard event.

  2. Allow competitors to compete to their best capabilities by submitting in a video of their routine.

  3. Provide all competitors with insight on their routine so there is value in competing for anyone at any skill level.

  4. Display results using live scoring on a Scales Live broadcast set to be held Sunday, December 16th.

Rules are important. We have new unique categories that you should be aware of. You can read those rules HERE.

When you have recorded your routines, please submit them to THIS FORM.