First Promo for the podcast!

We're really excited to share with you a project we have been working on for months. We have very poor communication in the yoyo community. We have very little news, very little to get excited about outside of new releases of yoyos and contests. We strive to bring you content outside of that realm that you'll be excited to hear. You can hear the voices of host Andrew Bergen, along with Yuuki Spencer, Nehemiah Peterson and Steve Brown (In sequence). 

We hope you enjoy and subscribe on iTunes, or at least on soundcloud if you're not a big podcast guy (even though there is a whole world of podcasts to explore, and we recommend you check them out). 

We'd also like to thank, Recess intl, and CLYW for making this possible. Please support these brands, they are helping everyone in the community do more than you may realize!

Thank you so much, everyone! We can't wait to bring you a ton of awesome content! 

Here is the first promo :