US National YoYo Contest Player Interview - Nate Dailey

The next installment of the US National YoYo Contest Player Interviews is Nate Dailey, hailing from the Bay Area region. Nate is no stranger to the nationals podium as he has been a 1A finalist every year he has competed, and he has also placed 3rd in 2015. Check out Colin's talk with Nate on his preparation and opinions on US Nationals below!

Colin - "Hey Nate, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview! My first question to ask is what is your goal for this year's contest?"

Nate - "My goal for US Nationals 2017 is the same as the last two years: 1st place 1a. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t reach this, but I want to put in the best effort I can."

Colin - "Love to see it. I've seen a lot of people set goals for themselves that leave them feeling disappointed after they don't reach them, so I'm glad you're having the mentality of doing the best that you personally can. What yo-yo do you plan on using?"

Nate - "I’ll be competing with my new signature yoyo, the YoYoFactory ND Ultra, which will be released at Nationals. I’m really excited to use it on stage for the first time."

Colin - "Awesome! Congratulations on the release! I'm excited to try it out. What round are you seeded to this year?"

Nate - "Thank you! I’m seeded into 1a preliminaries."

Colin - "Cool. What is your opinion on the new four-round structure for US Nationals?"

Nate - "I think it’s a great change. Although in 2014, 15, and 16 I received finals seeds for simply placing 1st in the region at BAC, I still think this change was much needed and adds a lot of fairness."

Colin - "I agree that it makes things seem more fair for not only giving everyone the chance to participate but also making things more structured. My next question for you is based off of Iceland - What is your approach to this year’s competition? Does the slightly extra time between Worlds and Nationals compared to previous years mean that you will spend time creating a new freestyle, or refining your Worlds routine?"

Nate - "I’ll be using a refined version of my worlds freestyle at Nationals this year. I didn’t land my Worlds freestyle anywhere near its full potential, so I’m going to give it another try. I also wouldn’t have been able to create another freestyle on its same level with the given amount of time, so I decided it was best to not start from scratch."

Colin - "Very smart, it's best to work with what you have and make sure you are comfortable with it. What inspired you for your freestyle? Any specific players or perhaps a different approach this time around?"

Nate - "I agree. My primary inspirations were Andrew Maider, Gentry Stein, Evan Nagao, and Michael Ferdico. My main focus was on music use, so music also played a large role in my inspiration."

Colin - "Your music use focus was very apparent, and I remember talking to Keiran and Patrick about this in our last episode. Really awesome to see such a well-choreographed routine. My final question for you is this - who are you most excited to see on stage?"

Nate - "I’m especially looking forward to seeing newer players in 1a finals this year, but I’m also excited to see Keiran Cooper, Gentry Stein, Michael Ferdico, Remy Baskin, and Evan Nagao."

Colin - "I'm also looking forward to see the new faces in 1A finals, as well as the others you mentioned! Thank you for taking the time for this interview, and best of luck!"

Nate - "No problem! Thank you!"