US National YoYo Contest Player Interview - Evan Nagao

Our next interview for US Nationals features a seasoned veteran, Evan Nagao. Evan's one-of-a-kind stage presence is awesome to watch for yo-yo and non-yoyo audiences alike, and I'm personally looking forward to see it again on the Nationals stage. Check out our interview with Evan below!

Colin - "Hey, Evan! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. What is your goal for this year's contest?"

Evan - "My goals for this contest as usual are to score as high as possible, and make sure the audience enjoys my routine."

Colin - "Best of both worlds! What yo-yo do you plan on using?"

Evan - "Yup! I will either be using The Edge, or a new delrin throw YYF is releasing."

Colin - "Awesome. What round are you seeded to this year?"

Evan - "I'm seeded to semi-finals, I believe."

Colin - "Sweet.. what's your opinion on the new round structure?"

Evan - "I don't have strong opinions towards the 4 round structure. I'm glad though that unseeded players have a chance to compete."

Colin - "I also think it's nice that the contest is more open to everyone this year. My next question for you is based off of your Worlds routine - What is your approach to this year’s competition? Does the slightly extra time between Worlds and Nationals compared to previous years mean that you will spend time creating a new freestyle, or refining your Worlds routine?"

Evan - "My freestyle this contest will include part of my worlds routine, but the first 2 minutes are different this contest."

Colin - "Cool. Smart idea to keep the same base but make some small modifications to make it better. What's your inspiration for this freestyle?"

Evan - "The inspiration for this freestyle is fast-style rapping like "rap god" and "look at me now". I think it's a great style to do rail combos. It's a little risky though because if I mess up during the fast part, it completely throws off the music use and puts me off  rhythm in terms of where I am with my tricks. The main difference is that I put much more thought into the music use and music cues this year compared to past years/performances. I've also been practicing a lot more."

Colin - "That's great to hear! I agree that yo-yoing at a faster pace can make things more stressful in freestyles; I hope that you're able to go clean so you can avoid that stress. Who are you most looking forward to see this year?"

Evan - "I'm really looking forward to seeing Zach if he decides to compete since we didn't see him at worlds. Also excited for Kurti, who had an insane worlds prelim this year."

Colin - "I also hope Zach is able to compete. Haven't heard from him about it so I'm unsure if he will. Kurti's worlds performances have me stoked to see his nationals routine. Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Evan! Best of luck at the contest!"

Evan - "No problem! Thanks!"