2017 French Nationals Recap

The 2017 France National YoYo Championship was held on October 21st in Nantes, and divisions held were 1A, X, and 1A Open (international).

The winner of 1A division is a new name (to me, at least), Williams Thamrong.


Williams placed 2nd at France Nationals in 2016, and 5th in the junior division at EYYC this year. Williams shows a lot of promise in his future, especially being as young as he is. It’ll be interesting to see how all of the new faces/national champions will do at EYYC next year!

The winner of X division was multi-time European and German national champion, Quentin Godet! Quentin played his usual style, 4A.


Quentin was able to hit his tricks very well, despite being on a smaller stage than usual. He’s at such a high level of 4A now compared to Europe as a whole it’s always awesome to watch him compete.

The winner of the 1A Open was Robert Kucera from the Czech Republic.

Robert has a very unique style, focusing a lot on doing interesting tricks and performing. He also manages to throw down a ton of risky tricks in his routines, so it’s always awesome to watch him on stage.

Another freestyle that I really liked was Tomas Bubak’s 1A Open.

Tomas, similar to Robert, also has a really different style, focusing on a lot of “big” tricks, incorporating a lot of body elements as well as clean looking transitions. I’ve been a big fan of Tomas every since I’ve started and it’s great to see him killing it.

You can watch all of the videos from this year's competition here.