2017 Slovakia Nationals Recap

The 2017 Slovakia National YoYo Contest was held on October 28th in Bratislava, and divisions held at this year’s event were 1A, X, and 1A Open.

The winner of the 1A division was Jan Hlinka, who is now a 4x Slovak national champion!

Jan has improved a ton over the past year or so, as I’ve noticed his style is starting to change into something with more variation/less repeated elements. His style has a nice blend of slack, tech, and other trick archetypes, and he also has good pacing and speed. Jan usually manages to land a spot in the top 10 at EYYC, and I think at this rate of improvement he could potentially win in 2018.

Another freestyle I really liked from the 1A division is the other top 1A player from Slovakia, Gabriel Szalay.

Gabriel has a really technical style, focusing on a lot of dense tricks. However, although tough to pull off, he still is able to perform well despite having a trick type which makes this hard to do. As far as I know, this is actually Gabriel’s first full “final” freestyle (more than qualifying round) of this year, so we haven’t seen too much from him. However, he shows a lot of promise for 2018, and I’m excited to see what eh does.

The winner of the X division was Petr Kavka from the Czech Republic, playing 5A.


Petr has a really chill and relaxed style, which is pretty unique compared to the current state of competitive 5A.

The winner of the 1A Open division was Michael Malik from the Czech Republic.

Michael performed his freestyle from SLYZ (check out that blog post here if you haven’t already) and again was able to perform it with great cleanliness. As stated earlier, Michael’s ability to hit his tricks consistently is amazing - this is perhaps the most important aspect of competing, and he has it pretty much mastered. Due to his past few wins, I would say that Michael is in the lead for contenders for Czech nationals this weekend (**this recap was written before Czech Nationals, so my guess was correct!!**) 

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