2017 CSYC Recap


Hello everyone! Colin here with a recap of CSYC in Japan. Check it out!

CSYC (Central Shikoku YoYo Contest) 2017 was held on October 1st in western Japan. Although unaffiliated with the JYYF (which runs Japan regionals and the national contest) and Japan Freestyle YoYo Association (which runs Japan Open), this contest still brings in great talent from west & north Japan.


The winner of the 1A division was Tsukasa Namba, who managed to beat out 1A innovator Arata Imai who placed 2nd. Tsukasa’s trick set is also very creative – he has formed a very unique style consisting of mainly slack elements that a lot of people do not touch upon. Tsukasa has made finals at JN in 2016 and 2017, and although this showing was not his best freestyle, it is certainly his best result. I am looking forward to how he will do next year in the competition circuit.

As mentioned earlier, Arata Imai placed 2nd in the 1A division. Here at Scales we have been watching Arata super closely as he climbs up the ranks of being one of the most influential 1A players in this generation, and this freestyle, although not his cleanest, was still very impressive. Compared to his Asia Pacific routine, this freestyle has around 1.5-2 minutes of material that Arata has not done on stage yet. Seeing his progression and trick library involve is scary – I am probably looking forward to watching him compete the most out of anyone this coming year.

To no surprise, Arata also won the 2A division. Arata is pretty much the king of 2A in his area of Japan, and this routine really shows how creative his tricks are. So many insane wraps & loops!

The winner of the X (2A-5A) division was Koyo Hashimoto. Koyo is currently the North Japan 4A champion, and he also won JOYC in 4A last year. His trickset, although not as unique as other high-ranked 4A players, is still very clean and consistent. Koyo is always a threat at any contest because of this. Check out his freestyle!


Full videos can be found here.