2017 SLYZ Recap



SLYZ 1A champion Michael Malik & runner up Matous Tomes  Photo credits @michaelmalik__ on Instagram

SLYZ 1A champion Michael Malik & runner up Matous Tomes

Photo credits @michaelmalik__ on Instagram

The 2017 Super Libový Yoyo Závody was held on September 23rd in the Czech Republic. SLYZ is usually one of the largest contests that the Czech Republic hosts leading up to the Czech national competition, so it’s always good to see some of the contenders on stage. Divisions held at the event were 1A and X division.

The winner of the 1A division is current Czech national champion, Michael Malik!

Michael’s best strengths for his freestyles are his cleanliness and his freestyle construction, both of which are very difficult to master on his level. This freestyle was nothing short of a great routine, and due to this result, Michael is coming into Czech nationals this Saturday as the favorite to win.

Another freestyle I really liked in 1A was Matyas Racek’s 3rd place routine.

Matyas has an incredibly creative style, something that is technical with a lot of unusual (but of course amazing) maneuvers. I think I would best describe his yo-yoing as very "raw" in the sense that his elements he chooses alone are amazing, and he doesn't really need to enhance them performance wise in order to prove that. Matyas has seemed to be pretty quiet for the past couple of years in 1A, but this is a pretty strong showing. He was able to earn a spot on the podium at Czech nationals in 2015, and I think if he’s able to go clean he will be able to do so again.

The winner of the X division was also Matyas Racek, who played 2A!


Always impressive to see someone be able to be fluent in two different divisions, especially when one of them is 2A. 2A is a very small division currently, so check out some pretty awesome work from Matyas!

You can watch the rest of the freestyles here, and results can be found here.