2017 Italian Nationals Recap

Hey everyone, Colin here with a new recap for Europe week. Check it out!

The 2017 Italian National YoYo Contest was held on October 14th in Rome. Divisions held this year were 1A, X Division (2A-5A), and 1A Open (International).

This year, we saw a new champion for the country of Italy - Loris Rosa!


Loris’ has seemed to take the yo-yo world by storm over the past year, through earning his fame through online tricks (follow him on IG!), Youtube videos, a recently picked up sponsorship by YoYoFactory’s Edge Nation, and now a national title! Congrats, Loris! Loris’s style is very competition oriented - he uses a lot of conceptual ideas that are used in today’s meta for 1A. However, he also has a few tricks that show that he can create, too, which gives off a good balance for his yo-yoing. Loris made his first finals at EYYC this year, and now that he’s seeded to semi-finals for 2018, he’s at an advantage. Will Loris be able to make his way into the top 5 this year?

Another freestyle I really enjoyed from the 1A division is a name everyone should be familiar with Riccardo Fraolini.

It’s really awesome to see Riccardo’s contrasting style on stage. I would say that about 95 percent of competitive 1A is very similar in terms of build - the pool of trick types people use are similar, and people tend to build their freestyles in similar aspects (nothing wrong with this). Riccardo is a part of a small minority that still retains to hold their own on stage, and I love every second of it. Shoutout to Riccardo for having fun on stage and still getting a top 5 finish in his national contest!

To no surprise, Lorenzo Sabatini won this year’s X division doing 4A.

Lorenzo has been in the game for over a decade now, and he wins almost every contest he attends in Europe in 4A/X division, setting himself as one of the best in the game. Congratulations to Lorenzo for the win!

The winner of the 1A Open division was 2x EYYC runner-up, Konstantin Tudjarov.


Konstantin is a machine. His style has progressed over the fast few years to something that is quite rare - he does not focus on just one trick archetype of 1A, but almost as much as possible - slack, technical, horizontal, body, you name it - Konstantin probably does it. Seeing improvement every time from Konstantin is almost scary to me, most players are not on his level in terms of improvement. Will he be able to take the title at EYYC next year?

Check out all of the freestyles here.

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