Episode 8 - Interview with Tressley Cahill on Trick Development and Design



Tressley Cahill is one of the staples of trick development in the mid 2000s. As described in the introduction, his yo-yoing is so different than today's scene; and it is also beautiful. Outside of his yo-yoing, Tressley is also a designer. He has worked with companies such as our sponsors Recess International and Caribou Lodge, as well as more around the world for creating good looking yo-yo merchandise. In this episode, Scales has a casual discussion with Tressley about the development of yo-yo tricks over the years, as well as talking about what it's like to design in yo-yoing.

Interview by Andrew Bergen and Mark Mangarin
Introduction by Colin Beckford

Scales Collective

Link to Tressley's new venture in yo-yoing - https://www.instagram.com/noyoofficial/

Thank you to our sponsors: YoYoExpert, Recess International, CLYW!