US National YoYo Contest Player Interview - Michael Kurti

The US National YoYo Contest will be held next weekend in Chico, California. 

Scales has interviewed a handful of contenders and promising competitors for the 1A division at this year's event, and we'll be releasing one interview per day leading up to next weekend.

Our first player is a three time US Nationals top 5 finisher, MIchael Kurti.

Colin: "Hey Michael, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed for Scales. What is your goal for this year’s contest?"

Michael: "This year my approach to Nationals is a bit different than usual, I’m really trying to score as well as possible both technically and in terms of performance. I usually just do what i feel like more or less to a song i really enjoy (which is important imo) but I’d really like to place in the top 5 again."

Colin: "I'm excited to see what you have planned for your routine! Regarding the changes for this year's event, to which round are you seeded?"

Michael: "I'm seeded to the preliminary round this year." 

Colin: "Sweet. What's your opinion on the new structure?"

Michael: "I think it’s a good change for the National YoYo Contest. It’s always been super competitive and i think this is a fair system to try to make sure the best players will be in finals, and everybody gets a fair shot."

Colin: "Yeah, I think so too. What inspired you for your freestyle? Any specific players or perhaps a different approach this time around?"

Michael: "Honestly Chandler Steele has inspired me a lot recently.... I really like his tricks, they all seem so 2017 to me lol. They score well and flow not to mention he's been killing it lately. Also I gotta say Bergy has had a big influence on my nationals routine as well. I think a lot of throwers may be in that boat after worlds.... haha. He killed it. I'm really looking forward to seeing their routines, if they go."

Colin: "Chandler and Bergy both are among my favorites from this year, and they both represented USA extremely well at Worlds this year. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, Kurti! Good luck!"