US National YoYo Contest Player Interview - Remy Baskin

Our next installment in this series is an interview with the up-and-coming Remy Baskin, a top 3 finisher at both MAR and NER this year. Remy's really had an amazing year and it's been awesome to watch him grow, so I was especially stoked that he was down to take the time to answer a few questions regarding US Nationals next weekend.

Colin - "What's up, Remy? Thanks for taking the time for this interview. My first question is what is your goal for this year’s contest?"

Remy - "My goal for this year’s Nationals is to make finals and have a good time."

Colin - "Sounds like you've got a good mindset. What yo-yo are you planning on using to compete?"

Remy - "I'll most likely be using the Duncan Windrunner or Origami, but it really depends on what I'm feeling on the days coming up to the contest."

Colin - "Sweet. What round are you seeded to this year?"

Remy - "I'm seeded to preliminaries."

Colin - "I see. What is your opinion on the new 4 round structure for US Nationals?"

Remy - "I think the four round structure is very ambitious and could potentially be good, but I'm doubtful this year’s Nationals will have enough players for the rounds to be utilized/they may turn into wasted time and effort."

Colin - "Interesting opinion, it'll be interesting to see how things fold out. What inspired you for your freestyle? Any specific players or perhaps a different approach this time around?"

Remy - "My freestyle is definitely drawing inspiration player wise from Ethan Cheung, Keiran Cooper, Yuuki Nishisako, and Andrew Bergen. I'm also taking inspiration from music and basing my tricks around it. Approach is basically throwing what I can at semi final and trying to get to finals to put down a fun routine."

Colin - "Solid list of players and good focus on semi-finals. I'm interested to see how the people who haven't experienced this new round structure will strategize their focus.. I think semi-final is probably the most important as well. Last question - which freestyles are you looking forward to the most?"

Remy - "Depends who attends this year, but Keiran Cooper, Zach Gormley, Daniel Flaherty, Andrew Bergen, Evan Nagao, Andrew Maider, probably more I'm forgetting for 1A, and for X divisions I'm excited to see Owen Ekblad, Alex Hattori, Phillip White, and Chase Baxter."

Colin - "Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, Remy! Good luck next weekend!"

Remy - "Thanks!"