US National YoYo Contest Player Interview - Chandler Steele

The next interview from Scales is with Chandler Steele, the current Ohio and MidEast regional champion. Chandler's been killing it this year, and his most recent showing was him appearing in his first finals at the World YoYo Competition, making it out all the way from wildcard. Check out Colin's small chat with Chandler below regarding his thoughts of US Nationals.

Colin - "Hey, Chandler! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview! My first question for you is what is your goal for this year's contest?"

Chandler - "My goal for 2017 Nationals would be top five, but I would be satisfied with top ten."

Colin - "Seems reasonable. You've been in or near the top 10 in your finals appearances so I'm sure you'll be up there this year. What yo-yo do you plan on using?"

Chandler - "Most likely the YYF Edge."

Colin - "Awesome. What round are you seeded to?"

Chandler - "I am seeded to the 1a semi-final round of the NYYC."

Colin - "#MERBOYS What is your opinion on the new round structure in place for Nationals?"

Chandler - "My opinion on the 4 rounds of Nationals would be a bittersweet change to the competition. I feel as though competitors who have not received a seed to any rounds have a chance to prove their worth, while on the other hand it puts more pressure/stress on the competitors, as there are more rounds they have to pass through to make it to finals."

Colin - "I agree, it'll be interesting to see how it compares to how the structure works for Worlds. What is your approach to this year’s competition? Does the slightly extra time between Worlds and Nationals compared to previous years mean that you will spend time creating a new freestyle, or refining your Worlds routine?"

Chandler - "I'll bring a whole new freestyle to the table and hopefully showcase it to the best of my ability."

Colin - "Awesome, i'm looking forward to see it. What inspired you for your freestyle? Any specific players or perhaps a different approach this time around?"

Chandler - "Ethan Cheung, Michael Stecz, and Andrew Bergen all have given me inspiration for my routine."

Colin - "Solid list. Last question - what freestyles are you looking forward to the most?"

Chandler - "I'm excited for every freestyle!"

Colin - "Smart answer. Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Chandler! Best of luck!"