44FESTA Volume 28 Recap

Hey everyone! Colin here with the FIRST RECAP OF 2018! This time, I'll be summarizing the recently held 44FESTA - #28. This event was actually larger than normal FESTA events, as it was a new year's party. Players not only from Japan were in attendance, people from Korea and the United States even attended as well! As usual, the talent shown from this contest is nothing shy of amazing.

Should be no surprise to anyone that the machine Hajime Miura of sOMEThING by YoYoAddict was crowned champion. Hajime's freestyle was not his cleanest, however his trick quality is evolving even further, and he keeps progressing to be the best 3A player in the world by a longshot in my eyes. Come on, did you see that combo at 1:30? 

The position of runner up was awarded to Yamato Fujiwara of C3. You may remember Yamato from our last recap of 44FESTA in which he won, so seeing him on the podium again shouldn't surprise anyone. Seeing Yamato's improvement in cleanliness, technicality, and dance moves is always impressive to me, and I can tell that he will definitely be a threat for the Japanese 2A scene in 2018.

3rd place at the event was awarded to Kim Mir, from Korea! At such a young age, this kid is seriously amazing. Watching him blaze through his tricks with perfection was wild to me, and I think it's safe to say that Kim Mir will be the next big thing if he keeps at it.

This was probably my favorite freestyle from the event, Justin Weber's 4th place routine using the gigantic Turning Point Chameleon (check it out here if you've never heard of this yoyo). Seeing Justin use the Chameleon for what it was initially made for is probably one of the best things I've ever seen in yo-yoing, and I absolutely love the nod to Takeshi Matsuura's JOYC intro in the beginning. 

5th place was awarded to the ever-so-stylish 1A of Daiju Okamura of One Drop. I've been a huge fan of Daiju for years, and it is awesome to see such a contrasting style in comparison to the 1A meta on stage. 

Thank you for reading the recap of 44FESTA volume 28! Be sure to watch these freestyles and maybe even some more that interest you! Check out all of the freestyles here, and results here.