Video Roundup - 3/9/18

Hey everyone, it's Patrick here. We were super impressed by a lot of content that came out in the past few weeks, and wanted to make a quick post recognizing some of the best videos we've seen in a while. Read on for more!

Arata Imai - mowl Surveillance

mowl, an up and coming yoyo company in Japan, just dropped a great edit featuring Arata Imai, one of our favorite players right now. The clip displays Arata's technical excellence, and showcases some amazing editing. If you're interested in learning any of Arata's tricks, this might be the best video for you to watch, as everything is displayed clearly and with multiple angles. One of my favorite tricks in the video is at 1:22. I think that this trick does a great job of conveying Arata's ability to combine simple and complex elements into a cohesive trick, and introduces some new ways of interacting with the yoyo in 1a. All-in-all, a great clip. You can check out the mowl Surveillance on (there are still a few left in stock!)

Yuki Nishisako - Ok Hi

My personal favorite video of the week had to go to Yuki's "Ok Hi" clip. This clip demonstrates Yuki's effortless style and amazing cleanliness while showcasing his extremely diverse trickset. There's nothing I dislike about this video, everything works together so seamlessly. I'm a big fan of a-rt's video styling, and love their take on Yuki's tricks. Tricks like these solidify Yuki as a player that can do it all, and with extreme ease. Just watch the first trick and you'll know what I mean. Without a doubt, Yuki should be a favorite for JN, and potentially the world title. Yuki used the Flash from UNPRLD in this video, which is also the yoyo I used at PNWR, so I'm a fan of that too. 

Angelo Aguirre - SF

In an age where player announcement videos are becoming less and less common, SF is doing it right. Amazing production value and wonderful tricks from Angelo in this one. Angelo is one of our favorite up-and-comers in the US, and I believe this video shows exactly why. Undeniable style, and an ability to make tricks that are uniquely his own make Angelo a great addition to any team, and a player that has a shot at being a top competitor for years to come. His yoyo doesn't look half bad either ;) Also, can we talk about how this dude just dropped 4 minutes of insane combos??? Angelo's trickset is certainly growing, and we're stoked to see what he does next. 

Bergy - Charm in the Cloisters

We're everywhere, you already know it. Bergy doing a small subset of his new material. This dude has TRICKS. Don't need to say anything else.

Harrison Lee - Assorted Confections

Harrison showing why he has flow like none other in this video. Amazing set of new material from the Canadian champ. Trick at 1:20 is pure money. The edit is pretty sick too. What's good Keiran???

Ky and John - Peregrinate.

A very unique set of tricks and edits from our friends Ky and John. These guys have wild tricks, and show mastery of a variety of yoyo styles as well. Don't miss this one, it's one of the more unique videos we've seen in a while (and we love it.) 

These were some of our favorite from the past few weeks. Who did we miss? What do you think is the best video of 2018 so far??? 


Patrick Canny