8/22/2018 - Scales Sponsor News!

The Scales podcast & live stream would not be what they are if we did not have sponsors. Because of this, we would like to thank everyone supporting Scales currently - there's been a ton of new things happening in the yo-yo community, and all of these companies are contributing to that! 



We are currently operating a BRACKET STYLE BATTLE with YoYoExpert on their newly revamped forums. 16 of some of the most creative players around the world will go head-to-head to show off their unique ideas - and did we mention that you can not only VOTE in this, but also PREDICT a winner and if you guess correctly get 20 percent off of your next YYE order?!

Smashing YoYos


If you pre-ordered a Float, good news! They will be arriving to be sent out next month! We're stoked to see the production colors on this amazing throw, and even more excited to see them in all of your hands. We've only been hearing great things from those who have tried ours, and we hope that everyone gets the f̶u̶z̶z̶y̶ FLOATY feel inside of them using it! 

G Squared YoYos


The Banshee from G Squared will be restocking today on their website! Follow @g2drops on Instagram and turn on notifications to always stay updated on new releases from them.



SF Yoyos

SF has dropped two killer videos lately from Keiran Cooper & newest team member Tony Sec! Keiran's using his signature yo-yo the Cadence and Tony is using something new called the STATEMENT.







Monthly Throw

Check out Monthly Throw's shop for unique products! Their subscription service is also always available - purchase one soon for the opportunity to get a box starting next month!


YoYoFactory's latest release is a signature yo-yo for Japanese 1A player Izuru Hasumi. The bimetal Singularity has been his weapon of choice all summer - it will be releasing very soon worldwide at an affordable price!


Duncan Toys

Duncan released THREE new yo-yos this year at the World Yo-Yo Contest. The Orbit, Counterpunch, and Roadrunner are all affordable monometals that are worth having in your collection! Check out the new product in this Instagram post above.

Core Co

Core Co's newest release the Parser is currently out of stock online, however you can still get some enjoyment out of the yo-yo by checking out all of the amazing tricks that their team has with it on their Instagram account. Check out an awesome trick from AJ Garcia to the right!






CLYW has been in the lab lately. One future release of theirs is a bimetal version of the Bonfire called Wildfire. Andrew Maider used this to make it all the way from wildcard to finals at the World Yo-Yo Contest this year - check out him putting it through its paces below! 

Yuki Nishisako recently got third at Worlds on his signature yo-yo the Flashback. You can now get it for a discounted price of $99.99 at select retailers worldwide! Also, new colors will be releasing soon!


Lowkey Throws

One of our newest supporters is Lowkey Throws, a company that specializes in making unique product involving wood. They are releasing a handful of Arbor and Woodland throws with Padauk inlays on their website at 5:00 PM PDT. Check out the post below for more info and pictures.


Zipline Strings

Zipline is another new supporter of Scales! They do weekly releases of multiple types of strings, meant for competitors or people just looking to have fun. Their colors are also pretty sweet - check out their new Scales Teal with our collab with Smashing, the Float!