Music should be PG13. Use your head. If you think your song is questionably not PG13, just don’t use it. We may require you to refilm your freestyle with a different song if it falls into this category.

We will be lenient with this for at least this for the first contest and see if we can trust you all to be cool about this. If you have curse words, that is fine, but please don’t be super excessive as we want to be able to share these videos confidently. Do a little editing, but you don’t have to be as strict as other contests.

Try to limit F-bombs, excessive drug references, racial slurs, and generally just anything that you wouldn’t want a cool mom or dad to hear. Lame moms and lame dads can be a little disappointed, that’s ok.


All prelim videos must be submitted by 12/13 at midnight PST.

All final videos must be submitted by 12/15 at midnight PST.

Title your Youtube video in the following format:




All videos must have no longer than 1 minute/2 minutes of music or yo-yo play in the video. Any longer for either will result in a -3 deduction off of your final score.

For consistency purposes please upload your video to Youtube and submit the link to the form on our site. You can make the link unlisted if you please, but when we post the videos after you should be aware  that you may get less exposure. Please submit your freestyle filmed with a dark shirt and a dark background. IF WE CANNOT SEE IT, WE CANNOT SCORE IT. Try to make things as easy as possible for the judges, if they’re not distracted, they will be able to judge you as accurately as possible.

By submitting your video you agree that we can use this content on any of our social media accounts including but not limited to Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and our website. Don’t worry, we’re not going to do anything weird.



Round 1 will be a 1-minute format. This round will be 100% tech score. Clickers only. No major deductions.

10 players or 20% of competitors, whichever is larger, will proceed to the final round.


Round 2 will be judged on 5 scoring criteria with opportunities for deductions as well as BONUSES.

  • 60% Technical Score - 60 Points Normalized

    • Positive clicks will be given for successfully completed elements.

      • One click is granted generally for elements that are assessed as being difficult, but low in risk.

      • Multiple clicks are given for variants of tricks that have a higher risk factor.

      • Repeated elements of the same difficulty will not be awarded points.

      • Repeated elements of a higher difficulty will be scored on a reduced level.

    • Negative clicks will be given for any missed attempted element or loss of control.

  • 40% Evaluations - 40 Points

    • 10% Risk - 10 Point Scale

      • The Risk category will evaluate how “risky” the judges deem both the individual tricks in a freestyle as well as the freestyle as a whole.

      • A “risky” trick would be a trick that, if missed, would have a profoundly negative impact on the freestyle as a whole.  

      • These types of tricks include, but are not limited to:

        • Knot-prone elements

        • Plane breaking tricks

        • Multi-wrap hooks

        • Suicide chains

    • 10% Variance - 10 Point Scale

      • The Variance category will evaluate how diverse a player’s trickset is, as well as how well they differentiate themselves from the other competitors and current competitive yoyo styles.

      • This category will be completed at the completion of the last freestyle. Each player will be ranked at the end for uniqueness based upon all of the other player’s freestyles.

    • 10% Precision - 10 Point Scale

      • This category is intended to evaluate how well a player is able to complete their freestyle. In some ways, it encourages players to perfect their freestyles and choose only tricks that they can display cleanly and perfectly.

      • If you complete your freestyle with few mistakes and perfectly clean transitions between tricks, you will have a higher precision score

      • If tricks are performed sloppily, the precision score will suffer

    • 10% Musicality - 10 Point Scale

      • The Musicality score will evaluate how essential the music you choose is to the freestyle as a whole.

      • For example, if the routine would be just as good without the song, or with a different song, the musicality score will be low

      • Conversely, if the freestyle would be boring without the music, the musicality score will be higher  

      • This includes music cues, any related performance move while the yoyo is in action, and general pacing with the song.



      • If a player completes their whole routine with 3 or less negative clicks for all of the judges, they will receive a +2 bonus on their final score.


      • If a player throws the yoyo only one time in their routine, the player will receive a +2 bonus on their final score.

      • Players can regenerate the spin of the yoyo as many times as they wish and still receive this bonus.

    • NO HOOK

      • You heard us right. If a player can manage to fill 2 minutes without a single hook trick, they will receive a +2 bonus on their final score.


    • STOP

      • If the yoyo loses spin and has to be restarted the player will be given a deduction of -1 off their total score.

    • SWITCH

      • If the contestant’s yoyo is switched out for another one the player will be given a deduction of -3 off of their total score.

    • SNAP

      • If the yoyo leaves the string during the freestyle the player will be given a deduction of -5 off of their total score.


      • If the player’s freestyle or music exceeds their time the player will be given a deduction of -3 off of their total score.