What is Scales?

Scales is an amalgam consisting of players hailing from various competitive and creative backgrounds. Establishing a team format has given all of us the ability to learn from each other in a more holistic manner, and ultimately break into the current meta of competitive yo-yoing
— Keiran Cooper


We set out at the beginning of 2015 to form a yoyo team that was unlike the rest, not bound by yoyos and promotions, but by competing together and pushing each person to their limits. The main focus being if one of us wins that each and every one of us made it possible for this to happen.

The goal has never been to sell yoyos, the goal has never been to be the most popular, the goal has always been to win, and to win together.

After seeing a measurable amount of success, we have embarked on a new project : The Scales Podcast! The idea of bringing voice to the yoyo community and expanding upon what we love is thrilling to us. We're more than excited to bring you closer to the competitive yoyo community in a way that has never been available before unless you attended the contest. 

More than anything else, we have seen what we can do for each other, we want to do the same to you. Together we can grow this community that we all cherish and allow it to expand sustainably.